Serving Residents in Los Angeles & Surrounding Areas
License# 1069442
Serving in Los Angeles & Surrounding Areas
License# 1069442

Floods rarely cause water damage. We are not here to assist you with a flood; instead, we are here to fix a broken pipe, a broken toilet, a damaged or malfunctioning fire sprinkler, water that has been left on and neglected, or a roof leak.

  • Clean Water 

Toxin-free water from sinks, baths, and water hoses is referred to as “clean water” rather than drinking water. Although it does not threaten people, if left unchecked, it will alter in about 48 hours.

  • Gray Water 

This sort of water damage is brought on by seepage, damaged sump pumps, broken toilets, and faulty washing machines. It has large levels of pollutants that are chemical, biological, or physical. Being exposed can make you ill. It has microorganisms and their nutrients in it. As with black water, porous surfaces may need to be cut.

  • Black Water 

This has nothing to do with the color of the water but rather the quantity of germs present, and prompt action is needed to prevent significant health problems. Bacteria are present in sewage water from toilets, river or stream water outside, tainted water in fire sprinkler systems, and water in fish tanks. Personal protection equipment (PPE) must be used to mitigate this type of water damage, and porous materials like drywall and rugs must be removed and disposed of. Cleaning and drying are possible for tile and non-porous materials.

water damage restoration

The type of water influences the scope of the project and whether demolition or drying is required. It is typically advised to have someone out as soon as possible for water damage restoration because, with very few exceptions, most water damage only becomes worse over time. For 24/7 emergency services, please call right away Socal Express Restoration and one of our technicians will arrive as quickly as possible! 

In order to avoid water damage we must be aware of the following:

  1. Be cautious of your gutter

Neglecting one of the first things people see on a home—the gutters—is one of the less visible ways homeowners can cause water damage to their property. Rainwater flowing away from a home is slowed or stopped entirely by gutters clogged with leaves, branches, and other debris. The outcome? Your foundation’s water leaks through your roof or into your basement.

  1. Keep fats and oil away from the water system

The same principle that applies to keeping fats and oils out of our bodies also applies to keeping them out of our water system. One skillet of bacon fat is all it takes to create a clog that won’t go away with exercise. Cooking grease should be allowed to cool before disposal.

  1. Putting the wrong remedy

We’ve been trained to pour a full bottle of Drano® down a clogged drain by watching television. Nevertheless, despite the fact that these potent chemical agents can dissolve clog-causing substances, they can also jeopardize the integrity of your plumbing or even produce holes and leaks. 

The piping in our houses and yards resembles our bodies’ veins and arteries. The piping can become clogged or even blocked when we consume fatty foods, spend too much time on the couch, or smoke cigarettes. When our pipes are neglected or mistreated, they can be damaged or compromised – and things can go extremely wrong. When we consume healthy foods, exercise regularly, and refrain from harmful behaviors, we often don’t have a problem.

When an emergency does arise, you need experts who can handle the situation quickly, effectively, and completely. Our IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification) trained specialists at SoCal Express Restoration are on call around the clock to manage your water emergency. The greater Los Angeles area is what we serve.