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Serving in Los Angeles & Surrounding Areas
License# 1069442

More than 50% of homes in the United States have mold, and it’s not only unattractive. Some varieties of mold can cause serious, even fatal, health problems. Homeowners should exercise caution when it comes to mold, just to name one cause. 

You can potentially lose thousands of dollars in house renovation costs, depending on the contamination’s severity. Fortunately, there are some tried-and-true methods for avoiding mold growth in your house. 

Here are 5 mold prevention strategies and tricks that every homeowner should be aware of if they want to save their health and their finances.


  • Without moisture, mold cannot develop. You should be aware that spills and leaks are not your home’s sole sources of moisture, though. Mold growth is significantly influenced by air humidity and gaseous water. 
  • You should get a hygrometer if you’ve found mold in your home or if you’re terrified of mold. These affordable gadgets continuously detect the room’s humidity. Place the device in a location you won’t forget, like your living room or bedroom. 
  • It is simple to prevent mold by keeping an eye on your home’s daily humidity levels. The EPA advises a humidity level between 30% and 50% to prevent the growth of mold. Mold is probably going to grow in your house if the humidity level is more than 60%.


  • The second most crucial element to halting the growth of mold is ventilation. Water vapor has a finite capacity to stay in the air. If this occurs, water will probably start to bead up on your windows and walls. 
  • With adequate ventilation inside your home, you may avoid this. Open windows are a terrific method to keep the air flowing through your house. 
  • Additionally, external air will control inside humidity. During the winter, you might not be able to open windows. However, you may still maintain air circulation in your house using the HVAC system, standing fans, and ceiling fans.


  • Mold can be avoided thanks to your gardening. Observe how water flows across your land. In a perfect world, your house would be perched on a little slope, allowing the water to drain away. However, if water collects around your house, it may cause major mold problems. This is because the moisture will seep into your home’s foundation from above. 
  • One of the main causes of basements’ infamous reputation as mold breeding grounds is this. Landscape maintenance is unfortunately not a cheap remedy. If you believe there is a drainage problem with your property, you should contact a restoration company for mold inspection.


  • The greatest approach to avoid mold is to keep your house dry, even though it might seem obvious. Mop up any water you spill. This applies to errors made in the kitchen, bathroom, or elsewhere. Wet things follow the same rules. 
  • Did a storm catch you off guard? Avoid leaving umbrellas or damp garments bundled on the floor. This is particularly crucial if your house has carpeting. Keeping carpets dry is much more difficult since they collect moisture. A few days later, once mold has begun to grow, you can start to detect a strange smell.


  • Keeping a keen eye on your home’s plumbing area is a wise idea. Even minor leaks will eventually result in a significant mold issue. Since leaks are one of the leading causes of mold in homes, you should check all the open pipes in your house once or twice a month. 
  • Check the pipes that are behind the toilet bowl, in the basement, and beneath the sinks. By the time you find the leak, you can already be dealing with a significant health risk if it goes uncontrolled.
  • Mold removal that can be done by you is better but if you want a thorough mold inspection, better call an expert restoration company.

You can’t always avoid mold, so here’s how to prevent it.

Mold may still be present even though you know how to prevent it. You can’t see or reach certain areas of your house. There is no way to detect a mold infestation until it is too late if there is a little leak in the wall of your home. Thank goodness, you have choices. Mold is not only challenging to completely remove, but it is also unsafe to handle. Use our expert mold remediation services to handle the clean-up when you find mold in your house.

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